The company TEHNO HEM doo was established in 2002 by the owners of the companies CHEMICAL TRADING LTD from Thessaloniki (founded in 1988) and KGV doo from Skopje (founded in 1991), as a result of the long-lasting successful business cooperation that dates back to 1997.

 It exists on our Market as a daughter company of the company VELLIS CHEMICALS from Thessaloniki, Greece.

The headquarters of the company is located in the beautiful village of Oresani, only 7 km away. from Skopje. It has its own office space of 450 m2, of which 70 m2 are offices, laboratory and accompanying premises; 220 m2 warehouse space and the rest is used as a production part. We have our own means of transport, for distribution of products to our customers. On disposal in the parent company in Thessaloniki we have a modern laboratory for testing the quality of raw materials that we offer on our market. There is also the possibility of controlling the final products of all our buyers of raw materials who want to examine the quality of their final products (paints and varnishes). Our parent company VELLIS CHEMICALS is available with its large capacity knowing the issues of the production of paints and varnishes in order to promote the production of potential customers or solve any problem in their production.

The company's activities are trade in repromaterials for the production of paints, varnishes and cement accessories. Our target is long-standing cooperation with our valued customers through the sale of products and services of the highest quality, which we prove by all these long years of existence on our market.